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With its expertise and experience of its technicians, engineers and executives Alissar Tunisia offers turnkey solutions for deployment of the survey to commissioning


Solution of GSM networks: 2nd and 3rd generations : Study design and construction of site acquisition Engineering, Survey and Civil Engineering Construction site Provision, Installation and construction of towers, generator and shelters. Provision and installation of quick solutions (Rapid Deployment). Supply and installation of electrical equipment and installation of base stations (BTS indoor & outdoor) BSS Integration.


Wi Max, GPRS Solutions:

• Study design and engineering
• Supply, installation and commissioning




Equipment and switching systems:

• Installation and commissioning of switching systems (MSC, BSC, Soft Switch)
• Civil engineering and construction
• Construction and installation of switch rooms
• Maintaining and remodeling of switching rooms
• Equipment Switch: wiring Installation
• Switching Systems: Integrating Commissioning
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